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Welcome to KnifeForkSpoon! Here we share the joy of real life and real food, all smashed together in this experience called life! 

Join me to learn how to keep food fun and healthy, why real food is important to me and my family, and how this works in our life. Our life that is full of joy and love, despite the ups and downs that come with each day!

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Busy? Let's Freezer Meal Prep!

Jobs, families, and kids can make dinner time a stressful time when it should be something we enjoy. Let's get back to that! All of my meal prep recipes can be prepared ahead of time and cooked from frozen! There are also plenty of meal prep ideas on the food blog that will help meal time in general.

Find something everyone will love!

Twins anyone?

6 years ago two little people came into our life, despite the fact we were planning for only 1! The life of a twinning mom is fantastic and hair pulling all at once. I don't claim to have any fancy tips or tricks, but I have made it this far with two beautiful girls and an older brother that I love more than words can say!

Looking for a Zen Moment?

Every day I intentionally start my day on the right foot, get in the flow, and find joy in all I do. There are lessons to learn along the way and I believe how I respond is where the true learning occurs. Lessons can be soul-shaking. It is always so rewarding to walk out the other side. Feel free to join me.

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