What cooking with kids really means

Bringing your little people into the kitchen is a lot of fun, and it can mean some adjustments for the us, the well-trained, habit-formed adults. They really don’t care if we want the counter spotless or that cleaning spaghetti sauce off the back of the stove is hard work. They really just want to learn about life and the world around them. Food is a great way to share a life skill and teach inquisitive minds about the world. Where food comes from, how it gets to your house, and the differences in foods that look the same are some conversation starters. Just throw a simple fact out there and watch the questions start to flow. In my house it always seems the questions are so logical yet so profound. There is so much conversation to be had around the concept of food and so many learning opportunities for little minds to soak up!

Once you have taken that deep breath (or maybe kids in the kitchen is nothing new), there are couple of realities to look at. Your kitchen won’t be the same again. It will be filled with love and giggles, the conversation will be endless, and the amount of learning that takes place will be fantastic.

The graphic below is a quick overview of the things I thought were the most important to keep in mind as you cook with kids. I’ll have more about each of these topics in upcoming posts.

Until then, happy cooking and have fun!

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