The 7 Utensils

I forced myself to whittle down my list of kid utensils to my top 7. It was a challenge, but I did it!

In no particular order they are ………..drum roll……………….

crinkle cutter

vegetable peeler

cutting board

spray bottle

dust pan and brush


silicon spatula

I had my kids to an “expert panel” to discuss each one. Let’s just say that it didn’t go quite as planned. Something about toots and attitudes! For some giggles, it’s below. My thought are below.

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crinkle cutter – the best tool to introduce the concept of cutting with kids. It is safe to use, easy for little hands to hold and gives a great sense of accomplishment when they realize they did all of the chopping themselves.

vegetable peeler – i love the “old rusty” one. it’s small, it simple and it gets the job done. The kids HATE it. They prefer the chunky, easy to handle one. It is clear which side does the cutting, they can hold on to it with no issues.

cutting board – it’s more than just a cutting board, it’s also a safe work surface for them. we get cutting boards out of the pantry multiple times a day. It’s always the first things the kids put down when they are getting their work space ready for cooking

spray bottle – little people love to make a mess! the good news is that they love to clean just as much. A spray bottle with a mild cleaner makes the back end of the cooking job so much smoother. I’ve found that my kids’s attention span to cleaning is far longer than I expected. My disclaimer – it doesn’t seem to transfer to room cleaning!

dust pan and brush – this is part of the magical cleaning business, especially if the dust pan and brush are kids sized! they might even start sweeping on their own – it has actually happened in my house!

whisk – simple is best here. I have some fancy ones and they drive the kids crazy. All they need is a simple way to “swirly whirly” the food around. Like the vegetable peeler, a thick handle is much easier for them to hold than something thin.

silicon spatula – you can get these in so many different sizes and shapes. I recommend a variety pack, so they can experiment with how each works and learn what they prefer. These can be used to mix, scrape, flip, the list goes on.

Happy Cooking!!

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