Teach me, please.

They might throw a hissy fit. They might kick and punch. They might yell and argue. Despite all of this kids do enjoy food and this is their way of asking for some control over it.

In the grand scheme of things, there are very few things that kids have any control over. Why not offer them some autonomy in the world of food? Here’s how KnifeForkSpoon kids get some control over their food:

  • they help make the dinner menu
  • shopping for ingredients is a family affair
  • prepping and cooking meals has particpation by all
  • cleaning the table before dinner, setting the table, and clearing the table after dinner are chores that we all take turns doing.

We offer them other options, too. They get to design the layout of their plate, they have the option to be fully responsible for a meal, they can plan meals with the help of a cookbook, and so much more! Stay tuned for more details on each of these topics!

Teach me to cook!
every child loves to learn. lets take this opportunity to teach them!

Feel free to download this file here.

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