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Oh, a little tiny word with such power. The absence of patience changes the experience, as does the presence of it. Bringing it into the kitchen is the fundamental difference between a smiley kitchen and a grumpy kitchen in my house. The kids know our buttons, and they know how to find them in a […]

The 7 Utensils

I forced myself to whittle down my list of kid utensils to my top 7. It was a challenge, but I did it! In no particular order they are ………..drum roll………………. crinkle cutter vegetable peeler cutting board spray bottle dust pan and brush whisk silicon spatula I had my kids to an “expert panel” to […]

The Claw!

It’s more than just a funny scene from a movie of the 90;s! It is actually the most important thing you can teach your kids when it comes to knife safety. It’s all about the position of your fingers – it ensures you cannot cut the tips of them off. Instead, the knife rubs across […]

Kitchen Rules

Nothing frustrates kids more than telling them “no”, “stop”, “don’t do that”, or some variation of that. Be honest and upfront with them that working in the kitchen is a job and jobs have rules. Establish them upfront and you’ll be able to enforce them so much easier. They might be grumpster dumpster when you […]