Sweet Tooth

I love cookies. I love everything about them. Making them, eating the dough, watching them in the oven, eating them, freezing dough for a treat. They are satisfying on so many levels.

My children agree whole heatedly with my thoughts on cookies. We love pulling out the mixer and whipping up a double batch; half for baking now, half for freezing.

Kids can help with everything in this recipe except for taking the baking sheets out of the oven. In our house, we prepare all the ingredients and place them on the counter before pulling the mixer out. Once the mixer is out, we take turns adding the ingredients and operating the mixer. One safety note here – kids like to look into the mixer to see what is happening. I always pull my girls’ hair back so it can’t get tangled in the beater and I employ the strict “hands-off” rule for the speed switch.

Who operates the mixer is always a great question. For younger kids, always the adult. My 6 year olds have the option to if they have the listening ears and attitude to match. If there is sass or attitude, I share my perspective and explain that for safety I’ll be the one operating the controls. That alone is usually enough to shape them up.

A cookie baller is a fun tool for the kids to use, althogh their hands may tire easily. If you don’t have a cookie baller, two spoons do the trick and the kids can use clean hands to roll the cookies into balls before baking.

P.S – these cookies freeze well before or after baking!

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