Roll It Up!

As adults, I find that I prefer to get my food and get on with my day. Children are the exact opposite. They let the creative juices flow and turn food into art. It’s a beautiful process and a great reminder for us adult types to slow down and enjoy the world. Kids are so wise, we have so much we can learn from them.

This is a snack that will let them be creative and artistic. It’s quite simple as long as you lay all the options out at the beginning. Seek input from the little hands to know what they want in their pinwheel. Encourage them to be realistic since they’ll have to roll it up in a tight log. In my house, nothing trips the kids off line faster than not being able to get the outcome they are looking for. Keeping the ingredients to a minimum in the roll will help them get a good, tight roll and be able to cut it into beautiful pinwheels.

Might as well make one for yourself while you are at it….they might need an example, after all!

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