Cucumber Sandwich Snack Time

Meal time with kids can be super easy one day and super hard the next….and it seems like nothing has changed. This happens in my house and I’ve learned to just roll with it, instead of letting it make me grumpy (like it used to!). One of the steps I have taken to make snacks easier is to give the kids almost full control of what they are making. My kids are big enough they can make these mini sandwiches without any help from. Smaller kids may need help with cutting the ham into squares.

All you’ll need to make this a successful snack is a vegetable peeler, a cutting board, a small, kid-sized knife, a crinkle cutter (for those that aren’t using a knife), and the ingredients.

The kids love to peel fruit and it is a great activity to increase eye-hand coordination. The cucumber is soft enough it will cut easily, even for very little hands.

Feel free to mix up the meat based on what your kids loves. This one’s a winner!

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