Burnt Bagel

The KnifeForkSpoon girls are really into being tricksters. They love playing tricks on the rest of the family, and each other. It’s supremely funny. Until it backfires, that is. I find it supremely funny when it backfires. Not because I am a mean mom, but because it happens so infrequently and has such an amazing reaction that I cannot help but giggle.

The latest trick was to turn the toaster up to 9. 9, on our toaster, is BURN! I have no idea when it happened, but sometime between breakfast and afternoon snack time the plot was laid. And then snack time came. Down went the bagel. Up came the bagel. Oh, she was mad! Never before has a trick backfired. She hollered at the top of her lungs.

The story has a happy ending. The bagel got eaten, the kid had a new perspective on playing tricks, and the family had a great giggle. These KnifeForkSpoon girls are great!

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