Author: knifeforkspoon


We talk about how important it is for us to have an ergonomic work space. The same goes for our kids when they are learning in the kitchen. It’s super important that are tall enough to reach the counter and use the tools safely. Since we can’t stretch them to be taller (my dad used […]

Sweet Tooth

I love cookies. I love everything about them. Making them, eating the dough, watching them in the oven, eating them, freezing dough for a treat. They are satisfying on so many levels. My children agree whole heatedly with my thoughts on cookies. We love pulling out the mixer and whipping up a double batch; half […]

Hand Bread

Kneading bread by hand isn’t my favorite task in the world, that’s why I have a bread machine. Tell a kid that they get to make bread and then pull out a bread machine….pppppffffffffttttttttttt. They won’t buy it, much to my chagrin. That’s why we do hand bread in our house, and by “we”, I […]

Kitchen Rules

Nothing frustrates kids more than telling them “no”, “stop”, “don’t do that”, or some variation of that. Be honest and upfront with them that working in the kitchen is a job and jobs have rules. Establish them upfront and you’ll be able to enforce them so much easier. They might be grumpster dumpster when you […]