Apples for Snack!

Apples are a major snack time hit in this house. We go through bags and bags of apples each week. I am so grateful that my children have a natural desire to munch on healthy options!

Our 3 favorite ways to eat apples are dried, as an apple pizza, and chunked up!

Dried apples teach the kids organization. An adult slices them thinly (with a knife or mandolin) and the kids place them on the food dryer racks. Their little hands get some good practice with fine motor skills and they can create patterns as they lay down the fruit.

Apple pizza is a way for a kid to truly express themselves. I give my kids a few small bowls full of various toppings – raisins, popcorn, cheerios, chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, you name it – and they take over the decorating job! They take a thinly sliced apple (just like used for drying apples) and cover it with something gooey – honey, cream cheese, peanut butter, almond butter – and then sprinkle their toppings on it. A delightfully gooey mess is all theirs!

A chunked up apple is a great way to give kids a sense of accomplishment. All they will need is a crinkle cutter, a cutting board, and an apple. I allow my kids to cut the apple however they want. Sometimes they will ask for some help to get pieces of the core out, but generally they’ll be happy with their results and head straight to dipping them in peanut butter or honey!

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