All Hands on Deck

Check it out….little kids are entirely capable of peeling lots of different kinds of food. If they are capable of holding a peeler they can peel! It’s quite rewarding to see them smile when they realize how easy it is for them do to the work themselves.

Everything from eggs, to oranges, to kiwi, to apples. The list goes on and on. All the kids need is a great quality peeler and they can get busy! Here we have a video of the KnifeForkSpoon kids showing you how easy it is for kids to make their own snack. Keep in mind, if you aren’t comfortable with kids handling a knife, feel free to do that on your own.

Here’s a quick summary of all things peeling. Ask your kids what they want to peel, it could very well open up their mind to new snack and food ideas they hadn’t considered.

If a kids starts to get frustrated peeling, change their goal. Peeling is one of those tasks that can get really hard, really fast. Stepping in early is important. Help them take a deep breath, offer to help, and move on to the next object. If they want to, they can always come back and try again later.

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