I love food and I love kids! Why not combine the two?

I have a helper in the kitchen at every meal and we’ve figured out how to make food fun, engaging, and educational. With a little bit of adjustment, having kids in the kitchen goes from stressful to stress free!

At our house, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Tune into to find our secrets for using it to maintain sanity and keep us all smiling!


I love new recipes and experimenting with food to find out what it can do. This might be the science geek in me…I also find it is a great way to share my kitchen secrets with my kids. They like to learn when it’s fun.


Getting food in the little people in your life can the biggest challenge of the day. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting these kid approved recipes and techniques. The goal is to get everyone smiling and working together.


I love sharing my experiences and all I have learned! I have e-books and am working on cookbook! Everything from how to work with your kids in the kitchen to scrumptious side dishes!

Jump start meal time with ideas you can count on!